Construction Angels Organization

“Construction Angels are the first responders to the construction families in need of assistance when a disaster happens”
    Construction Angels 1st Ohio Charity Golf Tournament was a success! Construction Angels is a national organization that was created to provide immediate financial assistance and grief counseling to the families of construction workers who have unfortunately lost their lives while working on the jobsite.


Construction Angels serves as a facilitator of financial benefits and grief services to surviving construction family members in need of assistance when the unthinkable has happened to their family. We deeply support family values, work ethic and the ultimate sacrifice some give in support of all construction work  


The vision of Construction Angels is to be there for families who have lost a loved one while working on a construction jobsite. We support their surviving family members when such an incident occurs and facilitate aid during their time of immediate need. Our goal is to assist the family at the beginning of their grieving process with hopes to provide them with a sense of comfort, both financially and emotionally. Construction Angels wants to make an everlasting impression and impact within the industry, one family at a time.    


Construction Angels will rely primarily on donations. This will provide an incentive for donators to receive a tax deduction on their donations. Construction Angels will donate money directly to the families in need who have been affected by such a tragedy. With your help, we can ensure that each family who experiences a loss, gets this equal opportunity. *We will not share your email with any 3rd party.