Help BOMAG Americas Support Construction Angels

BOMAG supports Construction Angels’ efforts to provide immediate financial assistance and grief counseling to the children and spouses left behind when a worker fatality occurs on a road construction jobsite.

BOMAG believes that worker safety is the most important part of the road construction industry and we strive to make our equipment as safe as possible for operators, workers and the public. Please donate to help BOMAG contribute to this valuable cause.

About BOMAG Americas

Bopparder Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft mbH is a company much better known by the acronym BOMAG. Globally headquartered in Boppard, Germany, BOMAG is a world market leader in compaction technology. For more than 60 years, BOMAG has driven the industry with safe and innovative advancements not only in compaction equipment, but also in paving, milling, recycling/stabilizing and landfill refuse compacting machines.

The North American headquarters is located in Ridgeway, South Carolina, and houses both the manufacturing and parts distribution facilities for the United States and Canada.

In 2005, BOMAG was acquired by the international FAYAT Group and has continued to grow its global footprint under Fayat leadership. Today, BOMAG has a staff of 2,500 employees to support its global dealer network of more than 500 dealers. To learn more about BOMAG, visit